BGS Marin ile tanışın
MAKAI Yachts, önemli Türkiye pazarını kapsayacak harika bir bayinin atandığını duyurmaktan heyecan duyuyor – BGS Marin artık MAKAI Power Catamarans’ın Türkiye’deki münhasır bayisi. BGS Marin gerçek bir profesyonel hizmet sunuyor ve önümüzdeki yılın başlarında Türkiye’de sergilenecek bir tekneye sahip olacak, bu da MAKAI için üretimi hızla genişletirken son derece önemli.

“We are proud to represent Makai Yachts in Turkiye.  Our priority at BGS Marin is Customer satisfaction – which is in line with Makai’s company values.  We were thrilled by the level of sophistication of the M37.  We believe that the boat’s elegance is remarkable, even moreso given its larger size in comparison with other boats in its class. Its spacious cabins and the use of first-class materials will turn heads and earn respect. The technical details of the M37, its speed, and its long range are exceptional features. Makai Yachts will be a perfect fit for the unique bays of the Turkish waters”

Murat Gümüşova – CEO BGS Marin

MAKAI is thrilled to be working with BGS Marin in Turkiye.  BGS is led by a talented trio of professionals – but better than that they are all passionate boat owners.  They know their clients needs and wants through personal experience and testing boats of all kinds, and they are able to work with the team at MAKAI to ensure an excellent customer experience.  BGS will have a MAKAI M37 on display at Turkish boat shows in 2024 – delivering convenient viewing and sea trialling opportunities to buyers in the Eastern Mediterranean.”
Jay Nolan, MAKAI Yachts Sales & Marketing Director

MAKAI Yachts seeks professional dealers in other territories across the globe as we drive our production capabilities. If you are interested, please contact our Sales & Marketing Director and founder MAKAI Yachts is looking for more reputable distributors worldwide to expand our sales network. Have a look at the other recently-signed dealers.

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