“20”, “SX20” becomes -YACHTLINE-

S and X – two letters that begin so many wonderful words:

S as in standard, spectacular or sensational

Or X like X-tras, X-clusive or X-cellent

And the popular 20 -YACHTLINE- can now be dressed up with both and become the SX20 -YACHTLINE-. And of course not without reason.

Over the past few months we have given the boat a makeover. We’ve implemented some exciting ideas and made small changes that have had a big impact.

This is the new -YACHTLINE- in SX20

Seats and steering wheel – perfect symbiosis

The new seats of the SX20 -YACHTLINE- are not only super comfortable, but also perfectly adapted to the respective situation thanks to the new adjustment options.

Glide comfortably while sitting on the water or keep an overview while standing – no problem with the new seats of the SX20 -YACHTLINE-.

At the same time, the steering wheel can be adapted to the seat and provides unlimited driving pleasure.

Extended cover for more light and unimaginable comfort

With a 50% larger hatch, the cabin of the SX20 -YACHTLINE- is flooded with plenty of natural light, making it a place you love to be in. But we didn’t just enlarge the hatch for light.

There is a new shelf at the top of the cabin that doubles as a step. This way, you can easily pass through the wide hatch into the front area and even reach the terminal blocks from the cabinet. Ideal, for example, during locking.

New side pads for more comfort

When it gets chilly in the evenings or the weather doesn’t want to play games, the new side cushions in the cabin invite you to cozy hours. The new design of the upholstery is not only visually successful, but also offers comfortable seating.

Well thought-out caravan top for all weather conditions

Sometimes you can’t choose the weather. But with the new caravan top of the SX20 -YACHTLINE- you can calmly wait for any weather report. Because thanks to additional adjustment options, the SX20 -YACHTLINE- caravan top is even more flexible in all weather conditions. Here are a few examples.

Multifunctional sun lounger cushion

You can sunbathe on a flat front lying surface. But reading a book, for example, can be uncomfortable in the long run. For this reason, there are new mounting options on the SX20 -YACHTLINE- shield to attach the poster to the tilt if required. This way you can lean comfortably.

The design of the upholstery has also changed and is based on the new side upholstery in the cabin. This means it can be rolled up and stacked when not in use. It is also longer than the previous model and offers an extended lying area.

Would you like to take a look at the new SX20 -YACHTLINE-? Almost as if you were inside the boat? Then discover it in our 360° video.

If you would like to see the boat live in our showroom, please make an appointment with us.