ÖCHSNER – BOOTE is a popular and well-known family business. Already in its second generation, we are committed to excellence, new development and technical attention to detail is our guiding principle.

Years of experience are optimally transferred to the products and integrated very early in the design and development of the boats. In Germany, in our own showrooms, we offer the opportunity to receive comprehensive advice on all boat models on a personal and individual basis.

Having a tugboat is extremely important to us. That’s why we offer a complete and easy slip and a pleasant sailing experience on the road with us.
we rely on our own trailers, which offer ideal settings for driving.

We are proud to offer the largest transport tug boat with state-of-the-art wide-beam hull and private living space. What was considered completely impossible years ago has been achieved by the Öchsner – boote team.

We offer our customers many tricks and techniques to help them take full advantage of the latest technology. Every boat transfer includes extensive instructions on board and sailing at sea, including a cruise at sea.

Only when you are satisfied, we are satisfied.