Many customers are asking a very important question: How much headroom is there under the M37 motor catamaran? And how much under the roof? This is an important differentiator when it comes to the comfort offered by the M37 compared to other boats available today, most of which have limited headroom.

The picture here shows the answers. On our latest electric catamaran, the headroom in the cabins is 204 cm – which translates to 6′ 8″. In the shower, where a little more space is provided for the shower head, the headroom is 211 cm – so 6′ 11″.

In the cockpit, under the roof (if you chose the version with roof) the lowest headroom on this mighty cat is just over 211 cm – again well over 2 meters or 6′ 11″. So even the tallest boaters don’t need to stoop in the new M37. Combine all this with plush seats, premium textiles and leathers, Italian timber and a first-class shower room, and you will find a whole new level of comfort on this powerful catamaran. Contact us to talk about the boat in more detail.