MAKAI Yachts set out to make its mark on the powerboat industry by moving away from the traditional manufacturer model and exploring uncharted territories. Underpinning this approach, Makai is led by 3 founding members, each with a unique background in the powerful catamaran market.

Each of the three managing partners of MAKAI Yachts has extensive experience in manufacturing, business management, sales and marketing in the boating industry. While at the helm of a major sailing catamaran manufacturer, this experience was leveraged to comprehensively turnaround the business and initiate the growth phase.

Seeing that the power catamaran market needed a similar game-changing boat, and having built and launched a number of successful power catamarans throughout their careers, the team recognized the need for a product that redefined the market. With this in mind, the team decided to create a new independent brand to turn their dream into reality and bring this unique and promising product to life: MAKAI Power Catamarans.