2021 End of Season – a short review
The 2021 boating season is over – here we would like to give you a brief overview.

We were also able to welcome new boat owners to our Öchsner family this year.

We had many beautiful and unforgettable new boat handovers and each time we released the proud owners with their Yachtline on their individual voyages after the handover.

Every handover of an SRX30 -Yachtline- boat also includes the road to the weighbridge!
Here the boat and trailer are weighed in the presence of the customer.

Time and time again over the months we worked on small improvements or tinkered with new tools.
In the summer we also gave ourselves a small break – but not without putting our mechanic, who has so far only existed in theory, to the test in practice. Our boating vacation was therefore our first “test drive”.

More information will be coming soon, you can look forward to it!

Right now the customer service phase is in full swing – many Yachtline models are being cleaned, serviced, repaired and prepared for winter.

And as they say:
After the season before the new season!